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HR Manager Download JD

Oversee all human resources functions and ensure alignment with DemoTact’s strategic goals across multiple locations.

Campaign Manager Download JD

Develop and execute strategic political campaigns.

Data Analyst Download JD

Provide actionable insights and support strategic decision-making for political campaigns and governance initiatives.

Tech Engineer Download JD

Design and implement innovative tech solutions supporting the mission in empowering grassroots leaders.

Social Media Manager Download JD

Drive engagement, amplify messaging, and advance DemoTact’s mission through strategic social media initiatives

Campaign Lead Download JD

Oversee and execute winning political campaigns

Policy Analyst Download JD

Conduct research, analyze policies, and provide insights for advancing effective governance and political reform.

Admin Manager Download JD

Oversee office operations and support campaigns at each step.

Digital Marketing Manager Download JD

Drive online engagement and enhance our clients digital presence.